Work in Progress

I have a number of works in progress because I have the creative mind of a grasshopper! I do seem to get them all done, though...

My second series I have written is about an archaeologist faced with the puzzle of a baby's bones, and those of an adult woman, buried down a well hundreds of years ago. As she uncovers the past, so she starts to realise she has uncovered a mystery in her own century... The book is called A Baby's Bones and the sequel is following her investigations into a strange elongated skull on Dartmoor. Both books feature the life of Viola Banstock, a teenager in 1580, and her life.

Separate from my fantasy books, I have a crime novel which I'm working on slowly between the others, which I am enjoying. Based on the story of the murderous Papin sisters in the 1930s, it follows the story of twins separated by a terrible accident.

I'm also writing a book about a pathologist in 1907 who follows the case of a young woman washed up in the Thames, dyed yellow and suffering from organ failure. But she isn't the only one...  


  1. Hi Rebecca. I saw the link to your blog through New Writing North. I'm in Cumbria and I'm a writer -working on my first novel which is historical fiction. You're way ahead of me though -I don't have an editor and I'm not doing an MA.(have a BA(Hons) in literature with the OU)
    I also studied both creative writing courses with the OU; have 2 boys and home educate. Now following your blog. You're welcome to check mine -just click on my profile(lowfell writers place blogspot)
    Both of your books sound really interesting and I'll be keeping an eye out for them in the near future. All the best.

    1. Hi Suzy, I've tried a couple of times to find you and would love to get in contact.

    2. Hello Rebecca - I'm only almost 2 years late in replying! Sorry, but I didn't sign up for updates. I'm almost finished my novel (editing) and moving towards publication hopefully. Have also joined the RNA NWS, which is fantastic. Sorry you haven't found me : my links are:
      Hope you're having a successful & productive start to 2015 and look forward to connecting. All best wishes.